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Our Board of Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of ITS Group as a charity; and ensuring that it is solvent well-run; and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public/values for which it has been set up. Trustees as an elected Board of volunteers, led by an elected Chair, collectively monitor the business strategy and by working towards the vision contribute to overall governance with entrepreneurial and strategic thinking.

The Board is responsible for the appointment of the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer, who is charged with executing the business strategy and accepts day to day responsibility for organisation. The CEO leads on the formulation and implementation of the strategic direction, developing organisational culture, exercising executive control and practising ‘human’ skills in developing the workforce.

ITS Group’s Leadership and Management provide an inspirational and motivational environment that engenders a culture of confidence and success’

We develop and enable our people by:

  • being honest about our own opinions and attitudes.
  • being aware of the need for the right cultural background where trust and openness are genuinely practised.
  • creating the right balance between encouraging people to get on with it and establishing the boundaries to responsibility and authority.
  • ensuring that our people have both the resources and skills to contribute fully to the team performance.
  • establishing a continual and effective feedback process based not on personality but on tasks and performance.
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