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Independent Training Services Ltd. and SmartStyle Training Ltd. (ITS) are national training providers. Whether you are looking for employability skills, apprenticeships or professional training courses, we consistently deliver quality vocational training and education from the classroom to the boardroom.

By bringing together our expertise in commercial training, workforce development and apprenticeships we are well-placed to make a real difference to individual students and businesses alike.

We provide quality training to students who are already employed or preparing to enter into their chosen profession. Our comprehensive portfolio includes accredited end-user IT, business and employability skills courses for individual students, alongside apprenticeships and workforce development for local, regional and national employers. These are delivered by our in-house team of experienced and qualified trainers online, at employer sites and through our network of training centres.

Having been in business for over 35 years, we know there is no 'one size fits all' approach to learning. We provide a combination of 'off-the-shelf' and bespoke training programmes to suit the needs of each employer client and individual student. 

From apprenticeship programmes designed to progress current and new employees, to specialist professional courses covering a wide range of employability and business skills, job roles and sectors, we focus on delivering quality education that Transforms Lives.

We are a registered charity and are part of Barnsley College.

As a registered charity, our profits are reinvested to continually improve our facilities and resources. This and the broader resources and support of our parent organisation, Barnsley College (rated outstanding by Ofsted) gives us the ability to be both flexible and responsive in meeting the needs of students, employers and the broader community and achieve our combined vision of Transforming Lives.