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Microsoft Windows 10 - Getting Started

Course overview

Understand the basics of PCs and working with Windows 10.

Course duration

1 day

Delivery method

Flexible (Online/Classroom)


Open participant course: £195 per person - maximum 10 people

Closed company course: £1,000 per course - maximum 10 people

Suitable for

Those with little working knowledge of using computers and Windows 10 but who need to access applications and perform tasks on a computer.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to use the core features of Windows 10, including how to use the start menu, move and resize windows, work with files and folders and perform content searches.

Course content

Introduction to Computers:

  • What is hardware and software?
  • Using and understanding the keyboard
  • Learning mouse skills and techniques
  • Signing in with a user name and password
  • The Windows 10 desktop

Taskbar and Start Menu:

  • The start button and starting apps
  • The taskbar and switching tasks
  • Using jump lists in start and the taskbar
  • Using Cortana to search the web and your computer
  • Notifications and the action centre

Windows Essentials:

  • Navigate within a window
  • Open and close a window
  • Minimise, maximise and restore
  • Moving and resizing windows
  • Multitasking features and task view
  • Accessing commands via the ribbon and quick access toolbar
  • Working with dialogue box options

Security and Power Options:

  • Locking and unlocking a computer
  • Signing out and signing in
  • Switching between users
  • Shutdown, restart and sleep mode
  • Changing a sign in password
  • What is the task manager?

Working with Files and Folders:

  • What are files and folders?
  • File management concepts
  • Understanding hard drives, network drives, removable disk drives and cloud storage

Creating, Saving and Printing Files:

  • Creating files in a variety of apps
  • The difference between 'save' and 'save as'
  • Opening and closing files
  • Previewing and printing files¬†

Managing Files and Folders:

  • Navigating the file explorer window
  • Move between drives, folders, subfolders and files
  • Create and rename files and folders
  • Move and copy files and folders
  • Finding files and folders
  • Delete files and folders
  • Working with the recycle bin

Customising Your Environment:

  • Creating desktop shortcuts
  • Pinning apps to the taskbar
  • Customising start tile groups
  • Personalise your display settings, colours and images
  • Viewing installed printers
  • Managing print jobs

Course requirements

This course can be delivered remotely or in a classroom environment, to suit your requirements.

Attendees must have the following equipment to attend this training remotely:

  • PC or laptop with a microphone and speakers (webcam is preferred but not essential).
  • Access to the internet and web browser application (e.g. Google Chrome).
  • Microsoft Excel installed on the PC or laptop.
  • An email account for file sharing.
  • A second screen is ideal but not essential.


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These course details were downloaded on 20/04/2024

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