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Microsoft Office for Beginners in Word, Excel and Outlook

Course overview

This course covers all the fundamental skills required for Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

It will show delegates how to create and format simple, professional documents, how to create and format spreadsheets, how to communicate efficiently with colleagues via email and how to schedule calendar time.

Course duration

3 days

Delivery method

Flexible (Online/Classroom)


Open participant course: £585 per person - maximum 10 people

Closed company course: £3,000 per course - maximum 10 people

Suitable for

Those who need to create, edit and print professional documents such as letters, minutes and agendas in Microsoft Word.

It is also suitable for delegates who need to create, edit and format Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, including creating basic calculations and formulas.

This course is also suited to those who need to manage their mailbox, schedule and manage meetings and customise and share Microsoft Outlook content.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to perform everyday tasks in the workplace using the core Microsoft applications: Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

Course content


Getting Started with Microsoft Word:

  • Navigating the word interface.
  • The ribbon and commands.
  • Help and ‘tell me what you want to do’.
  • Creating new documents.
  • Saving and updating an existing document.

Navigating, Entering, Deleting and Selecting Text:

  • Moving around a document.
  • Inserting and deleting text.
  • Techniques for selecting text.


  • Formatting text.
  • Copying formats with the format painter.
  • Paragraph alignment and line spacing.

Editing and Proofing Tools:

  • Cut, copy and paste techniques.
  • Automatically correcting errors.
  • Correcting spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Using the thesaurus.

Tabs, Indents, Bullets and Numbers:

  • Creating, modifying and deleting tab stops.
  • Indenting text.
  • Moving and removing indents.
  • Bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Applying automatic bullets and numbers.

Changing Page Layout:

  • Adjusting page margins.
  • Landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Inserting page breaks.
  • Inserting page numbers, headers and footers.

Viewing and Printing Documents:

  • Changing view and zoom settings.
  • Using print preview features.
  • Printing a document.


Spreadsheet Basics:

  • Spreadsheet concepts.
  • Exploring the Microsoft Excel window.
  • Working with the ribbon and commands.

Navigating, Selecting and Entering Data:

  • Creating, saving, opening and closing spreadsheets.
  • Moving around a spreadsheet.
  • Entering, editing and deleting data.
  • Using Auto Fill and Flash Fill.
  • Creating custom lists.

Editing Data, Columns and Rows :

  • Inserting and navigating worksheets.
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns.
  • Adjusting column widths and row heights.
  • Showing and hiding columns and rows.
  • Cut, copy and paste techniques.


  • Formatting text and sizes.
  • Aligning text horizontally and vertically in cells.
  • Applying number and date formats.
  • Formatting cells with background colours and borders.

Basic Formulae and Functions:

  • Using formulas to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers.
  • Using the AutoSum function.
  • Working with relative and absolute cell references. 

Data Lists Essentials:

  • Introducing data lists.
  • Freezing worksheet titles.
  • Sorting a list of data.
  • Filtering data using Auto Filter.

Page Setup and Printing:

  • Using print preview.
  • Changing page layouts.
  • Changing and applying print options.


Outlook Essentials:

  • Overview of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Using the folders pane and navigation bar.

More About Email:

  • Working with the reading pane.
  • Checking spelling and grammar.
  • Working with file attachments.
  • Using send options.
  • Recall and resend messages.
  • Working with message flags.
  • Email signatures.
  • Email tips and tricks.

Managing Mail Folders:

  • Mail folders revision.
  • Search techniques and search folders.
  • Working with conversations.
  • Default and custom archive options.
  • Retrieving archived items.
  • Mailbox clean-up tools.

Rules and Auto Assistants:

  • Creating inbox rules.
  • Automatic replies (out of office assistant).
  • Setting out of office rules.
  • Create and run quick steps.

Using the Calendar:

  • Tips on viewing and navigating the calendar.
  • Customising the working week.
  • Appointments and events.
  • Planning meetings and responding to meeting requests.
  • Arranging meetings with calendar groups.


  • Creating, editing and deleting contacts.
  • Creating and using contact groups. 

Folders and Permissions:

  • Sharing Outlook components.
  • Opening other people’s email, calendar, task and contacts.
  • Setting permissions and delegation rules.

The Task List:

  • The power of tasks.
  • Recurring tasks.
  • Assigning, updating and tracking tasks.

Course requirements

This course can be delivered remotely or in a classroom environment, to suit your requirements.

Attendees must be proficient with a mouse and keyboard and be able to confidently work within a Windows environment - minimise, maximise, open and close. 

Attendees must have the following equipment to attend this training remotely:

  • PC or laptop with a microphone and speakers (webcam is preferred but not essential).
  • Access to the internet and web browser application (e.g. Google Chrome).
  • Microsoft Excel installed on the PC or laptop.
  • An email account for file sharing.
  • A second screen is ideal but not essential.


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