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Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

Course overview

Use shapes and formatting tools to create and edit unique illustrations and artwork.

Course duration

1 day

Delivery method

Flexible (Online/Classroom)


Open participant course: £195 per person - maximum 10 people

Closed company course: £1,000 per course - maximum 10 people

Suitable for

Those with little or no experience of Adobe Illustrator who need to create and edit professional illustrations, published in a variety of outputs.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will gain a sound understanding of Adobe Illustrator and will be able to create and manipulate artwork for virtually any medium.

Course content

Introduction to Illustrator:

  • Raster and vector images.
  • The Illustrator interface.
  • Working with panels.

Illustrator Documents:

  • Creating documents.
  • Working with artboards.
  • Zooming and navigating.

Shapes and Images:

  • The drawing tools.
  • Adding images to a document.
  • Controlling text wrapping.
  • Working with layers.

Drawing Paths:

  • The pen tool.
  • Drawing straight and curved segments.
  • Corner points and curved points.
  • Reshaping paths using the anchor points and the direct selection tool.
  • Grouping objects.

Working with Text:

  • Working with text boxes.
  • Threading text.
  • Character and paragraph formatting.
  • Flowing text on a path.
  • Importing text.
  • Creating and modifying character and paragraph styles.
  • Proofing documents. 

Enhancing Documents:

  • Modifying object fill and stroke attributes.
  • The swatches panel.
  • Working with gradients.
  • Graphic styles.
  • Apply text envelope effects.

Saving Images for Web and Print:

  • File formats.
  • Exporting for print.
  • Saving for the web.
  • Creating PDF documents

Course requirements

This course can be delivered remotely or in a classroom environment, to suit your requirements.

Delegates must have the following equipment to attend this training remotely:

  • PC or laptop with a microphone and speakers (webcam is preferred but not essential).
  • Access to the internet and web browser application (e.g. Google Chrome).
  • An email account for file sharing.

Course attendees must be proficient with a mouse and keyboard and be able to confidently work within a Windows environment - minimise, maximise, open and close.

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These course details were downloaded on 20/04/2024

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