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Adobe Captivate Fundamentals

Course overview

Create captivating e-learning resources, tutorials, demonstrations and interactive simulations.

Course duration

2 days

Delivery method

Flexible (Online/Classroom)


Open participant course: £390 per person - maximum 10 people

Closed company course: £2,000 per course - maximum 10 people

Suitable for

Those who have little or no experience of Adobe Captivate who need to create different types of e-learning material.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to create and edit on-screen tutorials, software demonstrations, interactive simulations and tutorials.

Course content

Getting Started with Adobe Captivate:

  • Planning a project.
  • The Captivate interface and workspaces.
  • Previewing a project.

Creating Projects:

  • Setting the resolution and recording sizes.
  • Recording demonstrations, assessments and training simulations.
  • Creating a custom simulation.

Text Captions, Styles and Timing:

  • Creating text captions.
  • Editing caption styles.
  • Viewing and managing timelines.
  • Proofing tools.

Working with Slides:

  • Managing slide quality.
  • Inserting and deleting slides, organising and grouping slides.
  • Working with master slides.
  • Working with themes.

Inserting Images and Drawing Shapes:

  • Inserting and modifying images.
  • Working with the library panel.
  • Image editing and effects.
  • Working with smart shapes.
  • Aligning and stacking objects.

Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes:

  • Modifying the mouse pointer and paths.
  • Adding mouse clicks.
  • Creating text buttons.
  • Inserting and formatting a highlight box.

Rollovers and Zoom Areas:

  • Working with rollover captions and images.
  • Inserting a zoom area.
  • Working with rollover slidelets. 

Audio and Sound Effects:

  • Importing audio files.
  • Recording and editing audio files.
  • Inserting a silence.
  • Adding slide notes

Video, Animation and Effects:

  • Inserting event videos.
  • Adding animation.
  • Applying object effects. 

Adding Interactions:

  • Using accordion and tab interactions.
  • Creating custom themes.

Click and Text Entry Boxes:

  • Inserting click boxes.
  • Inserting text entry boxes.

Introduction to Question Slides:

  • Devising quiz strategies.
  • Setting quiz preferences.
  • Adding question slides


  • Applying and editing skins.
  • Creating a table of contents.
  • Publishing projects for output.

Course requirements

This course can be delivered remotely or in a classroom environment, to suit your requirements.

Delegates must have the following equipment to attend this training remotely:

  • PC or laptop with a microphone and speakers (webcam is preferred but not essential).
  • Access to the internet and web browser application (e.g. Google Chrome).
  • An email account for file sharing.

Course attendees must be proficient with a mouse and keyboard and be able to confidently work within a Windows environment - minimise, maximise, open and close.

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These course details were downloaded on 20/04/2024

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