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Introduction to First Aid - Zone 3 (CPD certified)

Course overview

This course aims to provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the key areas of first aid. The course will enable you to increase the safety of yourself and others in the workplace and in other everyday environments. It will provide you with crucial skills that apply to all aspects of work and everyday life.

This course is CPD certified.

Course duration

4 hours

Delivery method







Funding may be available for this course. Please contact our team to check your eligibility.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to spot the signs of choking and administer first aid to someone who is, understand what to do when someone suffers chest pains and know how to treat someone suffering a seizure.

Course content

  • Choking (Adult):
    • What is choking is?
    • The signs of choking and a blocked airway
    • How to respond when someone is choking.
    • Administering first aid to a choking person
  • Chest pains (including heart attack):
    • How a heart attack occurs
    • Signs and symptoms of a heart attack
    • The effects of and treatment for angina
    • Appropriate first aid for a conscious patient
    • First aid for an unconscious or unresponsive patient
  • Seizures:
    • What a seizure involves
    • The signs and symptoms of a seizure
    • Different types of seizures
    • When to call an ambulance
    • Actions to take if an individual has a seizure

Course requirements

To attend this course, students will require access to the internet and a web browser application (e.g. Google Chrome).

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