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ITS Training and Apprenticeships



ITS Group has become the first certified Sage training provider to help launch the software firm’s newly released training courses.

“ITS is an experienced and quality provider, recognising the importance of having Sage users competent in operating their software"

Although primarily known for its world-leading accountancy and payroll software products, the launch of its training arm is a logical step to ensure users remain fully competent and possess up-to-date knowledge

The launch is in response to the discovery that training developed by external providers on Sage’s popular software products sometimes failed to meet the expected standard, often making use of obsolete and out of date versions of its software.

Research has shown 64% of its software features are not used and in addition, users need to have a basic understanding of manual accounting principles to know if the software is working effectively. Sage has addressed these issues with its range of high quality, interactive learning materials.

Currently, more than 800,000 UK companies use Sage to help run their business and could potentially require training. It was ITS’ innovative and holistic approach to training which made it a natural choice to partner Sage in this new venture.

Although primarily known for the payroll, payment and accountancy software it offers, Sage also has a comprehensive suite of business packages, including HR, CRM and Business Management Solutions.

Those who undertake official Sage training will receive an educational copy of the latest version of Sage 50 – the ‘Rolls Royce’ equivalent accountancy software – to ensure they are fully trained to use the latest version of the software.

Tim O’Reilly, Business Development Manager for Sage, said: “ITS is an experienced and quality provider, recognising the importance of having Sage users competent in operating their software to enable them to get the maximum information to run their business operations effectively and efficiently.

“They are continually committed to employer and business improvement with an enhanced learner experience.”

Dr. Chris Payne, ITS CEO, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to work closely with Sage and help shape an innovative suite of solutions, taking the lead from business.

“Sage is the perfect partner to accelerate our growth strategy and add value to our customers.”

To find out more or to see how you could benefit from Sage accredited training, call 01226 295471.

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