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Tracey studied 13 courses over six weeks for the Sector Work Academy Programme. She currently works as an Administrative Officer at Sheffield Cavendish Court Job Centre.


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"The Sector Work Academy Programme (SWAP) enabled me to gain skills and qualifications I otherwise would not have considered.

"I would reccomend the SWAP to others, as will enable you to get the help and support you need and guide you onto a career path if you’re willing to learn."

Throughout the six weeks Tracey spent on the SWAP programme, she was able to gain the following qualifications:

  • Level 1 Mental Health Awareness

  • Level 1 Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children and Young People’s Settings

  • Level 1 Personal Development for Employability

  • Level 1 Understanding Motivation

  • Level 1 Understanding Mindset

  • Level 2 Conflict Management
  • Level 2 Disability and Equality Training

  • Level 2 Food Safety for Catering

  • Level 2 Introduction to Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children and Young People’s Settings
  • Level 2 Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People

  • Level 2 Team Leading

  • Level 2 Understanding Autism
  • Level 3 Education and Training



Visit the Sector Work Academy Programme (SWAP) for more information.

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