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How behavioural safety was embedded through a Train The Trainer programme

The Issue

Safety at Sun Chemical is paramount, but people still do stupid things under stress or pressure, or sometimes just do stupid things. There is an ongoing programme of traditional Health and Safety training at all Sun Chemical sites throughout the UK, but the number of H&S trainers is limited, so it was decided to spread the word about Behavioural Safety through small teams at each site.

Our Solution

It was proposed that teams of two should be formed and these teams would receive at least two days of Train the Trainer sessions, but we proposed that these sessions would train how to train the specific Behavioural Safety knowledge. This meant that the SmartStyle training team, in conjunction with the Sun Chemical H&S team, devised the programme that would be delivered by the people at each site, as well as, training the people in how to deliver the message powerfully.

The importance of rehearsal as a team was emphasised and this was supported by individual team coaching to aid teams, both before their delivery and afterwards, so the learning from each delivery could be improved on.

The Outcome

Selection for the teams was voluntary and right across the organisation, from production to office roles, and many people saw it as a way of acquiring new skills at the same time as doing something important for their work community. It had the effect of creating an additional swathe of H&S trainers that could be called upon to deliver other key procedural messages across the organisation.

The training programmes that were delivered locally also achieved a significant improvement in behaviourally caused incidents.

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