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Safety at Sun Chemical is paramount, so the business worked with ITS to implement an ongoing programme of Health and Safety training at all of its sites throughout the UK.


ITS Training and Apprenticeships





Train the Trainer sessions were developed to focus on specific areas of Behavioural Safety knowledge intended to make health and safety a 'top of mind' priority for all employees and contribute towards minimised incidents.

ITS, in conjunction with the Sun Chemical health and safety team, devised a programme that would be delivered at each Sun Chemical site, whilst ensuring that in-house trainers were equipped to deliver the programme to a high standard.

The importance of rehearsal as a team was emphasised and this was supported by individual team coaching to aid teams, both before their delivery and afterwards, so the learning from each training session could be improved upon.

The entire Sun Chemical workforce was invited apply to volunteer to train as a health and safety trainer. From production to office roles, many employees saw an opportunity to acquire new skills at the same time as doing something important for their work community. This had the effect of creating an additional swathe of Health and Safety trainers that could be called upon to deliver other key procedural messages across the organisation.

The training programmes have been successful and in the initial implementation period this was evidenced by a significant reduction in behaviourally caused health and safety incidents.


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