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Pre-employment Adult Skills Training is a great way to get work-ready while gaining valuable qualifications. ITS Group has designed sector-specific Adult Skills Training programmes, across a range of vocational areas, to help you gain the right skills to sustain and develop your career.


Our sector based adult skills training is a pre-employment programme linked to various job opportunities and includes:

1. Pre-employment training - relevant to the needs of your potential employer, including accredited sector qualifications 

2. Work experience placement - allowing you to develop your skills and gain an insight into your potential employment

3. A guaranteed job interview - valuable interview experience and the chance to secure meaningful employment


Key benefits to you:

  • Opportunity to achieve level 1 & 2 certificates in a range of sector-specific vocations relevant to the programme and business
  • Personal development for employment including: personal presentation and hygiene self-assessment, mindset, interview skills, job application, attitudes and behaviours


To utilise our free Pre-employment Adult Skills Training call 01226 216760, email or fill out the form below...