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As organisations look to streamline operations in the testing economic climate, it is essential to have the appropriate skills and expertise within the workforce. Squeezed margins and budgets mean organisations must be able to rely on adaptable, skilled employees who can provide the innovation and vision to produce results when the going gets tough. At SmartStyle we support your employee development strategy with a number of flexible learning solutions.

All SmartStyle learning interventions combine formal facilitator input, engaging interactive activities, group work, case study workshops, and in some cases theatre improvisation, some of which may be recorded or filmed, as appropriate. This mix of media allows participants to come to their own point of self-realisation.

As our facilitators are very much at the “front line” in terms of the service we provide it is imperative that they are highly skilled, experienced and hold the appropriate, industry specific, qualifications. We can draw upon an extensive pool of world class facilitators and trainers, matching their individual skills to the objectives of each client, project or individual learning intervention.