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Independent Training Services Limited (‘ITS’)


This document sets out ITS’s Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy. The policy applies to all provision that is sub-contracted by ITS and replaces any previous versions, where applicable.

The policy will be reviewed annually and will be published on the ITS website: Any changes will be communicated to the supply chain as appropriate.



The ITS Group is a Lead Provider of services under contracts awarded by both the Skills Funding Agency and the Education Funding Agency.

Some of the provision is delivered via sub-contracted organisations (‘the supply chain’).

Prior to joining the supply chain, all suppliers undergo a comprehensive due diligence process and are selected on the basis of their track record, type of provision delivered and location. This helps to ensure that ITS can effectively respond to demand and local skills priorities.


Overview of Fees and Charges

ITS fees and charges comprise either or both of:

  • A % based management fee
  • Charges for additional services provided


Apprenticeship Provision

The following management fee will be applied to Apprenticeship provision:

  • Management fee – 20%


16-18 Study Programme

The following management fee will be applied to 16-18 Study Programme provision:

  • Management fee -15%


Charges for Additional Services Provided by ITS

Each supplier will be visited by ITS on a quarterly basis. There is no charge for these visits. However, if a supplier falls below the required standard of delivery and therefore requires additional support visits by ITS, then these visits will incur an additional charge.


Sub-contract Values

Sub-contract values are stated net of management fees.


Supply Chain Support and Capacity Building

Management fees are used by ITS to support the supply chain to develop and deliver high quality provision that meet the needs of learners and employers.

Support needs will vary, but can include:

  • Supply Chain Manager for Support, Advice and Guidance
  • Learner Feedback Collation
  • Preparation for External Inspection
  • Quality Improvement and Financial Support
  • Safeguarding Advice and Information
  • Subsidised Management Development Qualifications
  • Subsided TAQA Qualifications
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment Observations (dual observations)


Payments to Suppliers by ITS

ITS pay suppliers by bank transfer and payment will normally be received by the supplier on the last working day of each calendar month.

Payment is subject to the receipt of timely claims and supporting evidence of service delivery.

Where funding claims cannot be substantiated, ITS may defer payment until the supporting evidence is provided or reclaim monies already paid.


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