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Eighteen-year-old Apprentice chef, Dylan Speight, has just embarked on his dream career – something he would have previously found difficult.

“He’s picking up new skills all the time. Dylan is a great example for his peers to look to.”

Dylan came to Independent Training College three years ago, after finding learning in a school environment particularly challenging.

Hospitality and Catering Tutor, Louise Royds, said: “When Dylan first came to us he was extremely shy.

“When he first started with me, I noticed he wasn’t doing any work. When I asked him why I found out it was because he hadn’t got a pen but didn’t want to ask for one.

“I have seen a real change in him. Now he will answer questions in class.

“He has a lot more confidence and interacts with other students and staff. He’s even supporting new students at the beginning of their programme.”

Dylan began on a Study Programme at Independent Training Services, originally studying for a Level 1 Customer Service qualification. After experiencing a hospitality and catering taster day, he found he had a natural talent and passion for food preparation.

He said of his experience: “I have enjoyed working in the kitchen and cooking food.

“I have been looking forward to starting my Apprenticeship since I came to ITS and I’m really pleased to be doing something I love.

“I’m now taking orders from new people – something I wouldn’t previously have liked to do.

“I have enjoyed the practical experience and learning why we have to prepare things in a certain way.”

As an Apprentice chef Dylan will learn practical skills required to work in the Hospitality industry, gain a nationally recognised qualification and get paid a real wage and have the same rights as any other employee. This will see him gain hands-on practical experience which is valued by employers.

He hopes his new found skills will help him to achieve his lifetime ambition: to own his own chip shop.

Workplace Mentor, Dale Evans, says he is proud of the progress Dylan has made in the short time he has been on his Apprenticeship: “Dylan is a joy to have around in the kitchen. “Whether it’s in his vocational class or his work placement, his work ethic is unshakable and he always tries his hardest.

He completes his tasks without any fuss and is always the first to roll up his sleeves and wash the lunchtime pots.

“He’s picking up new skills all the time. Dylan is a great example for his peers to look to.”

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