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We provide tailored workforce development solutions to support your organisation. We train both your new and existing employees via Apprenticeships to help further develop their career and motivation, whilst producing a boost to your organisation's productivity through the creation of a skilled and competent workforce.


ITS Training and Apprenticeships



“I am delighted with the support and guidance I have received. Now Social Stars complete their induction training at ITS I have learnt a lot more about the sector and this has helped me grow in confidence.”

Chloe works for Social Stars in Barnsley she started at ITS Group in 2014 on her level 2 Health and Social Care qualification; this was her first qualification and first role in the care sector at the age of 19. While completing her qualification Chloe grow in confidence and improved her knowledge of the care sector. Chloe provided some excellent work and always went above the requirements. Once Chloe had completed her level 2 she progressed to her level 3 with ITS Group, she said she found the support she received from her training manager met her individual learning styles and the flexibility of assessments fits in with her work role. 

Chloe has now progressed in her career to become a field coordinator she has now just started her Level 5 Leadership and Management in Care with ITS Group. Chloe said that over the last 3 years since working with ITS Group she has found the flexibility of the training managers she has worked with means if she needs any support there is always someone at the end of the phone or email. Chloe said by working with ITS Group over the last 3 years and completing her level 2 and 3 this now helps her in her role as field coordinator to support the staff who are currently completing their qualifications with ITS Group.

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