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We provide tailored workforce development solutions to support your organisation. We train both your new and existing employees via Apprenticeships to help further develop their career and motivation, whilst producing a boost to your organisation's productivity through the creation of a skilled and competent workforce.


ITS Training and Apprenticeships



“It’s changed me and given me prospects. I want to achieve things in life. I’d say to others, never give up, try something new, aim high and you’ll get there.”

Berneslai Homes’ employee Jayden Clarke changed his life through hard work and commitment, taking an opportunity at just 17 years old.

Having no interest in learning at school and failing to get his GCSE grades, Jayden knew something had to change.

Jayden was with ITS, who work with Berneslai Homes on their unique Office Apprentice Scheme.

The scheme targets individuals with barriers to employment, such as; no qualifications, disabilities, an offending past, and care leavers. Individuals are offered work placements with the Company, followed by a guaranteed interview.

Successful candidates undertake a 2 year apprenticeship with Berneslai, and ITS deliver NVQ level 3 qualifications.

Jayden’s one of five people who’ve completed their apprenticeships and got permanent jobs with Berneslai. Towards the end of his apprenticeship Jayden applied for a job at a higher grade than Apprentices would normally consider. At only 19 years old, Jayden competed against more experienced candidates.

The recruiter was amazed by Jayden’s interview; he demonstrated maturity, knowledge and thorough preparation; appointed on merit, he is flourishing, impressing colleagues and his manager daily.

Jayden’s now undertaking another qualification, in his plan to become a front line Housing Officer supporting tenants.

Berneslai’s scheme has received awards, but the best reward is the success of young people going through apprenticeships and becoming permanent, committed, loyal staff members.

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