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Harry is our new Business Administration Apprentice at ITS SmartStyle Training in Bradford, although he has only been with our company for a short time he is already really enjoying his role and can't wait to continue and improve his skills. Read his story:


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“Hi, my name is Haroon Zia. I am 17 years old and I am a new Business Administration apprentice for ITS SmartStyle Training. I joined ITS Group on the 8th October 2018. Since then I have really enjoyed being a part of this magnificent organisation. I have learnt so many things which have improved both my business admin and my personal skills. I am grateful to work with such incredible people. I have achieved so many things since I have been working at ITS SmartStyle Training. My line manager and colleagues have helped me every single step of the way.

Out of office, I have achieved many things because of ITS SmartStyle Training. I have noticed I am so much more confident now compared to when I started my apprenticeship. I am a very sporty individual. I am also competitive so I like to push myself towards achieving my goals and I like to complete my tasks to the best of my ability. Doing this, I have recently achieved a place in a football team. I believe “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” which is what I believe I am doing at the moment. Anything can be accomplished if we have the mind-set to do so. Everyone fails, it’s just the matter of if you get up when you fall down. I am really eager and excited to see what the future holds for me and my colleagues at ITS Group. We have started 2019 remarkably and are keeping it up!

Being at ITS SmartStyle Training has improved my time management and I am now capable of completing tasks without hesitation. Almost every day when I finish work, I will go home and prepare myself for football training and matches. Every time I do not attend football training, I will take myself to the gym even if I don’t feel up to it for the day. This is because I have a dream, an end goal and I am working a step closer to this every day.

Soon we will be moving to a new building and am looking forward to this. I have had a great experience at Kershaw House. Although moving into a new building can be stressful and hard, this will not stop me from giving everyday my best effort at work as well as out of work.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all!"

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