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ITS has been working with Darlington Building Society since 2010, predominantly providing end user IT applications training. Over the years we have built a strong client and supplier partnership to support Darlington Building Society in meeting their training objectives accurately and effectively.


ITS Training and Apprenticeships



What has been your experience of ITS from a customer perspective?

It's been excellent. From the beginning of our relationship it has felt like a partnership rather than a typical vendor/client one. We discuss our organisational needs and I trust SmartStyle's expertise to guide me, and our employees, to the right solution.

What impact has the training delivered had on your organisation?

We have made several leaps in terms of MI reporting and data both locally and across operational areas. We have been able to streamline the number of reports and data sheets in the business meaning less risk of anomalies and errors and also increased efficiency directly as a result of the effective and engaging pre-assessment and delivery model.

Why have you continued to do business with ITS?

The approach SmartStyle take with the Fiz-assist online assessment for office packages works extremely well for us - all our staff who have completed the assessment have provided feedback that they been placed at absolutely the right level based on their current knowledge and skill.

What kind of training have you received, and in what way has this been delivered? How did this style of training benefit your organisation?

We have used both on-site delivery and attended the publicly scheduled open courses. Both have been equally successful because the decision on which way to approach the training has been made based on our needs.

The trainers who have delivered our programmes have taken the time to get to know our organisation and tailored their delivery accordingly. The facilitators also have a wonderful ability to meet the different needs of several learners on the same programme but who have different starting points - feedback from our learners demonstrate this.

How do you feel ITS compares against other similar training organisations?

Exceeds my expectations - general set-up, trainers, coordinators are all great. As mentioned, the relationship feels like a partnership and adds real value to the organisation. Shabana, our Account Manager is excellent - proactive but not pushy; and more importantly listens to, and understands our context.

It’s a real pleasure to work with ITS and l look forward to this continuing in the future.

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