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Costcutter Supermarkets Group has been a SmartStyle client for more than three years. During that time both businesses have worked closely together to develop training which is responsive to the needs of Costcutter’s business.


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Lisa Coulam, People Development Consultant for Costcutter Supermarkets Group, explains why she chose to partner with SmartStyle.

“When I joined Costcutter Supermarkets Group the business didn’t have a formal training function and over the last four years SmartStyle has been fundamental in supporting the creation of our Costcutter Supermarkets Group Training Academy.

“The objective was to establish a learning and development function; SmartStyle provided the advice and guidance we needed to identify all of our training needs and match these with available training and development programmes. This has been particularly important due to the diverse range of training requirements we have across our business.

Our courses range from technical training to develop colleagues’ skills in Excel, Word and PowerPoint; through to ‘softer skills’ courses looking at Crucial Conversations and Maximising Personal Impact.

Since the Costcutter Supermarkets Group Training Academy was established, more than 200 colleagues have attended one or more of the training programmes and feedback has been excellent.

SmartStyle have added value to our business. Their expertise and knowledge enabled them to very quickly understand our needs and create a training and development strategy that was right for us.”

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