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We provide tailored workforce development solutions to support your organisation. We train both your new and existing employees via Apprenticeships to help further develop their career and motivation, whilst producing a boost to your organisation's productivity through the creation of a skilled and competent workforce.

"My story begins like this…..

I worked in Retail for years but always wanted to work in an office environment but didn’t know how to get in to it as I didn’t do well at school. I applied for an NVQ Level 2 Business Diploma apprenticeship with Barnsley Council with Adult Skills and Community Learning. I didn’t think I would even get an interview as I lack confidence in general, but I managed to get an interview and the job!

I started my apprenticeship in November and within a week or so ITS tutors attended my work place and started my journey with them. Angie Crowther was my personal tutor and I can’t fault her at all. She was lovely with me and always gave me a big confidence boost.

I didn’t have any experience with office work and had no confidence so I was always putting myself down within work. With my new job I was given tasks/activities from all the teams and was starting to feel my confidence grow with the help of Angie, who always supported me.

As I worked my way through my apprenticeship, I gained more experience and was even starting to help organise events at the Town Hall. If I struggled with any of my units, Angie was always there to help either by telephone or face to face.

At work, a position came up that I really wanted and I was really stressed with applying for it. Angie came to see me, we had a good chat and she even gave me a lovely pink pen that I could use as a positive thinking tool. I applied for the job, did my interview and managed to get the job! I was thrilled and the pink pen helped wonders….

I have now finished my apprenticeship with ITS and I am loving my new job with Barnsley Council Adult Skills and Community Learning. I have gained so much from my time with Angie and would definitely recommend her and ITS.

So THANK YOU Angie and ITS for all your help."


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