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Macy is employed by Lifetime Financial Management. Lifetime was founded in 2002. Lifetime is a financial planning and support company based in Dodworth, Barnsley. They also have an office in Driffield, East Yorkshire. Lifetime specialise in financial needs and objectives, such as: • Investment Planning • Pension/Retirement Planning • Mortgages • Financial Planning • Protection • Estate Planning


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"I started looking for an apprenticeship during my last year of Secondary School. All my friends were applying for colleges but the thought of college just wasn’t appealing to me. I knew that I would rather be working and learning on a job, rather than be stuck at college doing more exams and more coursework.

As an apprentice, my day to day work was to manage the General Admin rota. I was put onto General Admin as it allowed me to learn all the general aspects of administration. I stayed on General Admin through the duration of my apprenticeship because it helped me with my college work, meaning that my college course was made easier for me to relate to and it gave me the most knowledge and insight of an Admin role.

As I have now progressed into a more developed admin role, my day to day work now varies slightly every day. This is determined by which rota I am working on, on the day due to my extensive training in rota management.

After completing my apprenticeship in August 2018, I was able to progress within my career. This was because I had more developed knowledge and skills after studying for my apprenticeship. My apprenticeship opened up more doors for me because it enabled me to learn and develop my skills within the Administration sector, while earning money at the same time! This eventually led to me being able to learn more Administration roles and being able to take on more complex work as I had to knowledge and experience to move up within the Admin Team to a more responsible role.

Without my apprenticeship, I wouldn’t have been able to learn all the skills and knowledge of the Administration role to a quality standard. My apprenticeship allowed me to learn thoroughly and quickly in a short space of time. Without these skills, I wouldn’t have been able to progress within my role and learn new job roles. I gained the skills to be able to learn multiple rotas, which not everyone does, meaning that I am a highly trained admin.

I believe that out of my apprenticeship, I achieved a happy career, well-developed relationships with my colleagues which made working more enjoyable and relaxed and finally, I was able to gain my own independence. My apprenticeship taught me to take responsibility for my actions, how to behave appropriately in a working environment and how to be independent within myself and within my job role.

If I hadn’t completed an apprenticeship, I wouldn’t have the skills that I currently have and I wouldn’t have as many possible career paths available to me. My apprenticeship has enabled me to progress quicker than usual and get on the career ladder straight away without having to apply for jobs without any experience or knowledge."

  Macy Corbett - Lifetime Financial Management


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