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Originally founded in 1904 as the Excelsior Motor Radiator Company, DENSO acquired the manufacturing facility in 1989 that was to become DENSO Marston Ltd., with a focus on manufacturing thermal systems for construction, industrial and agricultural applications.


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How workforce and team leader behaviour was changed through investment in supervisor development.

The Challenge

Denso Marston is a global industrial vehicle radiator manufacturing business with a significant set of business targets for the future and the Shipley site is a pivotal part of that strategic plan. It was therefore vital that the business made sure it had in place the behaviours that enabled the workforce to produce the results required.

A critical link in the manufacturing process is the role of the supervisors managing the teams that make up the workforce, and their behaviour was seen to have a powerful effect on the workforce and its ability to hit the manufacturing goals. It was therefore decided that a learning programme, which not only gave knowledge and insight, but also supported the behavioural change that facilitated a new way of working together was required.

Our Solution 

ITS SmartStyle competitively bid for the project and won the assignment because of their ability to put in place tools and methods to embed the learning in every day responses to working situations. ITS SmartStyle Training has been at the forefront of training internal coaches, as well as, delivering post training coaching programmes and they brought this knowledge to bear on the Denso assignment.

The training consisted of five one-day modules, shown below:

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills,
  • Conflict Management,
  • Workload Management,
  • Performance Management,
  • Coaching Support Skills.

Each of these modules was supported it by an on-going series of 45 minute one to one coaching sessions, which focused on specific tasks that each delegate had carried out in the workplace to demonstrate the skills they had acquired in the learning sessions. In addition to this, each participant kept a reflective journal of their success at applying the techniques back in the workplace. Whilst the reflective journal was used as evidence of each delegates subsequent use of the techniques, they were also asked in one-to-one discussions about their ongoing use of the learning, and how they saw it benefiting their workplace exchanges with their team leaders and teams. 

The Impact

The programme is not yet completed, but the coaching sessions have shown that the majority of the people participating in the programme have shown behavioural change and, perhaps more importantly, have experienced a reciprocal behavioural change from team members. The training department at Denso also carried out a survey of all of the participants which show a top score result for the programme and the fact that it was changing how they thought about the way they did their job, and the methods they used to communicate and work with others. The research shows that they are already seeing:

  • Improved team work and communication,
  • Boost to productivity while maintaining quality focus,
  • Motivation increase throughout the team of supervisors.

The goals and objectives for manufacturing over the next few months are challenging for everybody in the Shipley business, but many believe that these will be achieved because of the thinking that has gone into this new learning approach and the effect it had on the supervisors and the workforce overall.


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