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Yorkshire Water worked with ITS to develop a bespoke training programme for its customer service team.


ITS Training and Apprenticeships



"The course was delivered with the utmost professionalism, there was interaction throughout the course and we have received some excellent feedback from those who attended."

“Whilst we can measure the value of external customer service, the value of internal service has traditionally been more difficult to measure. We have integrated systems to provide exceptionally comprehensive performance for most elements of the chain but we wanted to be able to provide a consistent measure of customer service performance within that chain. To achieve this, we tailored a customer service training programme that was fairly role specific and aligned both to our vision and values as well as external measures we use as a company.

"ITS was able to build a bespoke and tailored package, which included skills, values and behaviours which would support and enable each individual to carry out their role competently and confidently. This package would also work alongside our own development plans to enable colleagues to carry out their roles confidently and competently.

"ITS provided a comprehensive customer service package which worked cohesively with these development plans and would provide skills and ability in several different roles that will be relevant longer term. They also provided a consistent and in-depth approach to the delivery of excellent customer service throughout our company chain and the different departments who were to attend so we all had the same approach and objective.

The course was aimed at colleagues working within the customer service teams at Yorkshire Water to help them implement concepts and strategies to deliver top level customer service."


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