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Personal Development

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£1,295 +VAT
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This course is intended for team leaders, supervisors and middle managers who must cope with and manage change in their teams, whilst performing their leadership responsibilities.


Participants are introduced to a range of tools and techniques used to communicate and adapt to change, whilst considering the effect their behaviour and approach has on themselves and their team. The causes and impact of stress are explored, together with motivational strategies to adopt that drive positive outcomes.

At the end of the course participants will understand:

  • The need for change and its importance for themselves, their team and organisation
  • What stress is, what the causes are, how to recognise it and strategies to adopt to deal positively with it
  • The need for positive continuous communication during times of change
  • The significance of personal and team positivity
  • Motivational and supportive strategies to apply throughout the process of change

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Module One - Stress & Self Awareness
  • What Is Stress?
  • The Causes of Stress & How It Manifests Itself?
  • An Individual’s Ability to Cope with Pressure in a Range of Different Situations
  • The Difference Between Pressure & Stress
  • Recognising the Signs & Strategies to Adopt
  • Decision Making & Stress
Module Two - Change & Stress
  • What Is Change?
  • When & Why Does Change Occur?
  • The Effects of Change
    • The Impact on Individuals
    • Team Dynamics
  • Continuous Imposed Change
  • Balancing Change
  • Communicating Change to Others
Module Three - Maintaining Motivation Through Change
  • Adapting to Imposed Change
  • The Cycle of Coping
  • The Essentials of Self-management
  • The Effect our Approach has on Others
  • Overcoming Anxiety & Negativity
  • Handling Negative Behaviours & Attitudes
  • Managing Difficult Situations Assertively for Positive Outcomes
    • The D.E.S.C Script
    • Discrepancy Assertion
    • Avoiding Threats
  • Expressing Doubts & Disagreements
  • The Principles of Workplace Self-Motivation
    • Maintaining Motivation Through Change
Module Four - Moving Forward
  • Simple Behavioural Changes
  • Make Yourself Stress Resistant

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