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Business Skills

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Personal Development

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Demand Led +VAT
Public Scheduled Course

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£2,495 +VAT
On-Site at Customer Premises, Max 10 Delegates


2 Days

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SmartStyle Training

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This course is intended for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service professionals who need to understand the sales process and utilise a range of techniques to generate new business, develop customer relationships and penetrate customer accounts.


At the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the sales process, why people buy and recognise buying signals
  • Be able to plan and prepare for outbound sales calls
  • Respond effectively to incoming calls and recognise sales opportunities
  • Be capable of using a range of techniques to develop more business from existing customers
  • Understand how to overcome gatekeepers and use various questioning techniques to obtain vital information
  • Be able to apply a structured approach to developing business using up-selling and cross-selling techniques

Download Outline (PDF)

Module One - Introduction
  • Key Components for Success
  • Developing a Customer Orientated Approach
  • Self-Concept - The Master Approach to Top Performance
Module Two - The Sales Process
  • The Sales Cycle & Using the Sales Funnel
  • The Multi-Call Sales Process & the Importance of Each Stage
  • The 4 Types of Sales Call
  • Planning for the Call
Module Three - The Buying Process
  • Knowing Why People Buy
  • The Decision Making Process
Module Four - Customer Relationships
  • Getting Accepted & Building Relationships
  • The Conditional Close to Confirm Commitment
Module Five - Approach & Strategy
  • Using the Questioning Funnel
  • The 3 Types of Benefits that Deliver Solutions
  • The 4 ‘E’s - Effective Sales Strategy
    • Establish - The Climate To Talk
    • Explore - Questioning to Establish Needs
    • Embellish - Match Benefits to Needs
    • End - Secure Commitment
  • Seeking Agreement & the Trial Close
  • Pitching Your Solution
Module Six - Objection Handling
  • Overcoming the 8 Types of Objection
  • Negotiating for Mutually Beneficial Results
  • The 10 Requirements to Gaining Commitment
Module Seven - Managing Accounts
  • Seeking Referrals & Confirming Next Steps
  • Techniques to Up-Sell or Cross-Sell a Customer
  • Following-up Potential New Business

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