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This course is intended for users who need to be able to exploit the full potential of Excel to build powerful spreadsheets, using a wide array of formulae and functions.


By the end of the course users will be able to create spreadsheets which include complex formulae and functions. They will be able to combine functions such as IFs and LOOKUPs to optimise efficiency when creating formulae requiring a multifaceted outcome.


A thorough grounding in building multiple sheet workbooks which include basic calculations and functions such as Min, Max, Average and Sum. Users should also be able to create formulae using absolute cell references and understand the importance of this.

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  • Creating a Simple Formula
  • Relative & Absolute Cell Referencing
  • AutoSum & Statistical Functions
Logical Functions
  • What is an IF Function?
  • Creating a Simple IF Function
  • Nested IF Functions
  • Using the AND & OR Functions
Statistical Functions
  • COUNTIF & COUNTIFS Functions
  • SUMIF & SUMIFS Functions
Lookup & Reference Functions
  • What are VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP?
  • Creating a Lookup Function
Date & Time Functions
  • Using Dates in Formulae
  • Extracting Date & Time Values
  • Using the DATE Function

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