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This course is intended for users who need to be able to exploit the full potential of Excel to build powerful spreadsheets, including a wide array of formulae and functions and who also need to use Excel modelling tools to report on results.


By the end of the course users will be able to create sophisticated spreadsheets, which include complex functions. They will be able to utilise analysis tools to summarise and extract data, use pivot tables, scenarios and auditing tools. The use of macros will facilitate the automation of tasks.

Prerequisites: A thorough grounding in building multiple sheet workbooks which include functions, such as Min, Max, Average and simple Ifs. Users should also be able to create simple charts and use filter and sorting options.

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Naming Cells & Ranges
  • Creating Named Ranges
  • Using Names in Formulas
  • Editing & Deleting Named Cells & Ranges
Powerful Formulae & Functions
  • Statistical Functions (COUNTIF & SUMIF)
  • Logical Functions (IF, IFERROR, AND & OR)
  • Lookup & Reference Functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH)
  • Date & Time Functions
  • Math & Trig Functions (ROUND & INT)
  • Text Functions
Formula Auditing
  • Tracing Dependants & Precedents
  • Formula Error Checking
  • Formula Evaluation Techniques
  • Protecting Files
  • Protecting Worksheets
  • Protecting Cells
What-If Analysis & Forecasting
  • Creating, Editing & Deleting Scenarios
  • Scenario Summary Reports
  • Data Tables
  • Goal Seek & Solver
  • Predicting Values with Forecast Sheet
Data Validation
  • Different Types of Validation
  • Input Messages
  • Error Messages
  • Locating Invalid Data
Introducing Pivot Tables
  • Creating a Pivot Table
  • Drilling Down on Pivot Data
  • Sorting,Grouping & Filtering Pivot Data
  • Filter & Timeline Slicers
  • Summary Values & Calculations
  • Formatting Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Chart Reports
Automating Spreadsheets with Macros
  • Recording & Running Macros
  • Deleting a Macro
  • Editing Macros
  • Macro Virus Protection

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