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This course is intended for users who need to develop databases which have complex structures or require an easy to use interface for a team or organisation to use.

Objectives: By the end of the course the user will be able to develop databases which include automated features such as macros and command buttons and utilise complex queries, forms and reports using grouping tools and including calculations.

Prerequisites: Users must be able to confidently design and develop multiple table Access databases. Users will require a good understanding of relationships and the four core elements of Microsoft Access, i.e. tables, queries, forms and reports.

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Normalisation & Relationships
  • Understanding Normalisation
  • Relationship Join Types
Advanced Query Features
  • Changing the Join Type in a Query
  • Find Unmatched Queries
  • Find Duplicates Query
  • Crosstab Queries
Advanced Report Features
  • Multiple Table Reporting
  • Sorting & Grouping Report Data
  • Performing Calculations on Reports
  • Creating Custom Report Pages
Advanced Form Features
  • Bound & Unbound Controls
  • Creating a Calculated Control
  • Toggle Buttons, Options & Check Boxes
  • Option Groups
  • List Boxes and Combo Boxes
  • Page Tabs
Creating & Modifying Charts
  • Forms & Reports using the Chart Wizard
  • Creating a Global Chart
  • Creating a Record Bound Chart
  • Formatting Charts
  • Using PivotChart View
Macros & Database Automation
  • Creating a Macro
  • Running a Macro
  • Macro Examples
  • AutoExec Macros
  • Designing & Creating Navigation Forms
  • Designing Application Menus
  • Startup Options & Defaults
Multi User Databases
  • Storing Databases on a Network
  • Shared Databases
  • Setting Database Passwords
Database Management Tools
  • Backing Up a Database
  • Compacting & RepairingĀ a Database
  • Front End & Back End Databases
  • Database Documenter

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